T24 HFS: Comments on Week 2 Songs

This is week two of the project to find, by the end of 2012, the top 24 Hindi film songs of all time. The results from last week are on the web page: Click here.

This week’s song category is “fun songs.” The list contains 13 songs. Here are my brief comments about each song on this week’s list:

  • Shayad meri shadi ka”:  Like the part : “Chai pe bulaya hai.”   Rajesh Khanna looks like Elvis.
  • **** “Hal kaisa hai janab ka?”: Kishore Kumar pretending to be sick and Asha’s voice. A combination of innocence and fun.
  • Suno na”: Bulldog. The words just flow. Rani Mukherjee’s reactions. I may also include the song under romance category.
  • Paan Khaye sayan hamaro”: Check out Waheeda Rehman describing how to eat a paan. The mischief in her eyes is fun.  A warning to all paan addicts!  And, that little laughter in the song (sung by Asha Bhosle) is priceless.
  • Baki jo bacha tha mehengai mar gai”: The idea that increasing prices inflation killed us. War, separation, yearning for love, religion, and of course inflation.  The singer prompting the dancer for the next verse is funny. Of course, Qawaali style makes it upbeat.
  • Aaj main upar”: The state of confusion due to love clearly upbeat. The idea that you are up and sky below is interesting.
  • ***** “Masakali” This has to be my favorite song in the set. The funny word combination. The goat and  Sonam Kapoor with the pigeon on her head. Sonam spitting on Abhishek is hilarious. Funny, funny song. We know what happens when a song gets stuck in our head.
  • Angrezi me kahate hai”: Well, finally a Amitabh number in thelist of songs. Combination of languages especially choo, choo, choo. Check our Parveen Babi playing the straight man.
  • **** “Dum dum diga diga”: That sudden onset of rain can be funny is shown in this song. Watch out for the rooster trying to get away from the rain. Raj kapoor stealing umbrella, plus the “dum, dum” sound are very funny.
  • Chup  chup khade ho”: Old movie song. The humor is subtle about a couple not revealing that they are in love. Facial expressions of the dancer conveying the various emotions.
  • Jhumka gira re” Sadhana dancing and singing about an ear ring fallen in a Bazaar. The mischief in the song is great. Upbeat song. I will also include this song in the dance category.
  • **** “Ek chatura naar”: Again Kishore Kumar lip synching for Sunil Dutt to impress Saira Banu and Mahmood as the South Indian coach also trying to impress Saira Banu. Amazing! Mahmood, Kishore Kumar unbeatable.
  • *** “Dayaa re dayaa me kahan phasi”: Song from caravan is funny because we all have been in a situation where we are totally unprepared.  Love the part where Jeetendra asks Asha Parekh to try a different song “Nahi chalega, ” while still dancing.  And facial expressions of Asha Parekh are humorous.

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