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Memories of Mr. Mac

I was deeply saddened to learn about the passing away of Mr. Ed McMahon. I was overseas when he died. I met Mr. Mac almost ten years ago at the Universal Studios in Orlando. We were taping the final round of Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star Comedy Contest. He later invited me as the winner of the contest to be his guest on KTLA in Los Angeles and got me a guest appearance that evening at the Hollywood Improv.   Several of his unique qualities stood out clearly during those two brief meetings. The first time we met he asked me my name several times and wrote it down phonetically so he could introduce me correctly on the show. I also distinctly remember his smile and his laughter. As we walked to our set in the Warner Bros building at KTLA, he said hello to several support staff members and I recall him calling some by their first names.  For me being introduced by Ed McMahon in his classic style “Here is Sai Ranade” is indeed a dream come true. I am sure heaven needed him to be there to sit with Johnny Carson to introduce Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett on the special divine edition of the Tonight Show. So long Mr. Mac.